Lauwersmeer region and Groningen

The Lauwersmeer region is situated where the rivers Lauwers, Hunze and Ee once flowed into the Lauwerszee.

The tidal current from the Wadden Sea met practically no obstacles. For reasons of sea defence the Lauwerszee was closed in 1968. A beautiful nature reserve developed and today it is a national park where you can marvel at the wet grasslands and the enormous richness in birds.

At Noordpolderzijl you can visit one of the few tidal habours of the Dutch Wadden Sea, the perfect place to experience the tide.

Visit Punt de Reide in the extreme northeast of Groningen. An important resting place for harbour seals is located offshore, where up to 300 animals at a time may be observed. Thanks to a low hide the seals can be watched without disturbing them.