WP 6 Extension of Target Audience

1. Best practice examples and case studies

Best practice examples were collected to show how Wadden Sea entrepreneurs offer sustainable nature experience - from restaurants, accommodation, transportation, regional products and awareness raising.

Eleven video interviews were conducted in May and June 2015 in The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark (produced by 18frames, Hamburg) with Seedykster Tours in Marrum, Waddengoud, Waddenvereniging, Restaurant NAKUK in Horumersiel, Urlauberbus Ostfriesland, Langeoog, Reederei Cassens Eils, Kurzentrum Godetied Büsum, Bio-Hotel Miramar in Tönning, Restaurant Roter Haubarg, and the project "Powered by cycling" in Esbjerg.

The practice examples give an impressive overview of what has already be done and how sustainability and the protection of natural values in the Wadden Sea World Heritage is being integrated by tourism stakeholders.

All interviews are available here and on our World Heritage Youtube channel.


2. Branding: "Wadden Sea World Heritage - A unique experience"

The new animated film “Wadden Sea World Heritage Seite – A unique experience” explains why the Wadden Sea is so special that it is protected as a National Park and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and how visitors can experience it in a  nature friendly way. In just over 4 minutes and using many colourful pictures, the video – produced by WWF Germany within the framework of the PROWAD project, with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund and Bingo Environmental Lottery – shows in a humorous way things to know about the National Park and Wadden Sea World Heritage Site

Available in German, English, Dutch and Danish, the film is intended for visitors and potential visitors of the coast. Tourist information offices, landlords, hotels, restaurants and further tourism related businesses are invited to share the film on their websites and offer their guests an entertaining insight into the World Heritage Site right on their doorstep. The film is also suitable for classroom teaching, e.g. when preparing a class trip to the Wadden Sea.


3. World Heritage Campaign Concept "It's Your Nature"

A consortium consisting of a Dutch and German company prepared a concept for a World Heritage campaign with the support of the PROWAD partners. The concept was presented to the regional stakeholders (marketing organizations in the Netherlands and Germany) and was well received. It was agreed to develop a transnational campaign based on the concept in cooperation with local and regional stakeholders in the period 2016 – 2018.

Download World Heritage Campaign concept.


4. World Heritage Cooperation with Business Partner

A feasibility study provided an overview of existing programs and cooperation initiatives in the entire Wadden Region that are relevant to the Wadden Sea World Heritage site and analysing the benefits of and opportunities for a transnational World Heritage cooperation program with businesses and establishing how this can contribute to protecting the OUV. The study shows the challenges of establishing a transnational consistent approach of business cooperation with the same standards and quality in all Wadden Sea regions, but also shows the need as well as the potential for such a World Heritage Programme. The study recommended a 3-year pilot project to develop a partner programme in a participatory approach.

More about the study. Download the study (PDF)


5. Face-to-Face communication: Road Show

An overall approach and an event design were developed and inaugurated in June 2015 with 14 roadshow stops in Lower Saxony as a pilot in May-June 2015. The concept was locally very well received and showed the great interest and the demand for easy accessible information about the tools developed by PROWAD. Based on the concept and presentation that has been developed within the PROWAD-project “Protect and Prosper - my benefits of World Heritage: PROWAD regional Roadshows”, roadshows were carried out in Lower Saxony in June 2015. The roadshow targeted the employees of local tourist information centres and other service-orientated facilities. The aim was to communicate the work done in the last 3 years within the PROWAD project, inform about existing communication and marketing instruments in the Wadden Sea region, strengthen the co-operation between national park houses and local tourism organisations, and raise awareness of the need for continuous conservation efforts in the Wadden Sea. 14 tourist information centres were reached; each appointment took about 1.5 to 2 hours. All in all, 146 employees participated who were overall very interested and eager to hear about the achievements of the PROWAD-project.