Structure of workpackages

The work within the PROWAD project is split up into five different workpackages (WP):


Work Package 1: Project Management

The main objective of WP 1 is to provide support to organization, coordination and management of the project and the cooperation between beneficiaries. As much as possible, the activities will be carried out as joint projects which are centrally administrated by the CWSS.


Work Package 2: Publicity and Communications

The activities in this work package are carried out in the framework of a project communication plan which outlines the aims and objectives of the communication, the target audiences (general public, local and regional stakeholder), main principles, time frame and key actors (role of project partners), measures and expected outcome.


Work Package 3: Sustainable Tourism Strategy

The main objective of WP 3 is to identify opportunities and challenges of the World Heritage designation and possible developments in the tourism sector. To link tourism and nature conservation in a way that nature values of the Wadden Sea will be maintained, experienced and used in a sustainable way. And to develop common visions, objectives and principles on sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea region and a long-term consistent transnational strategy including an action plan to implement the strategy.


Work Package 4: Development of sustainable tourism offers

WP 4 aims to develop marketable regional-specific sustainable nature offers and products on the basis of the agreed Action Plan and in line with the principles of the joint strategy which can be further developed after the end of the project.


Work Package 5: Promotion and Marketing of the Wadden Sea

WP 5 contains tasks focused on the identification of new and combination with existing distribution channels, as well as with communication and marketing measures.