The project advisory group is the Task Group Sustainable Tourism Strategy (TG-STS) which consists of all relevant representatives of ministries for the environment and economy, nature conservation agencies, tourism and marketing organizations, and green NGOs, including all project partners. The TG-STS works under the trilateral Wadden Sea Board (WSB) to implement the decisions of the Ministerial Council (Sylt 2010).

The TG members will support the project in cooperating with regional and local stakeholders within existing regional working groups and networks.

TG-STS Summary Records


TG-STS Meetings

TG-STS-14 Meeting, Bremen, 15 September 2015


TG-STS-13 Meeting, Bremen, 12 December 2014

TG-STS-12 Meeting, Hamburg, 25 September 2014

TG-STS-11 Meeting, Bremen, 29 November 2013

  1. ZIP File with all documents 1st and 2nd delivery (18 and 22.11.2013)


TG-STS-10 Meeting, Bremen, 24 September 2013 - Meeting Documents

Documents Deliveries

  1. ZIP File with all documents 1st delivery (2013-09-09) (12 MB)
  2. ZIP File with all documents 2nd delivery (2013-09-16)
  3. Document 3rd delivery: TG-STS-10-5-8 World Heritage Magazine (delivery 17.09.2013)
  4. ZIP File with all documents 4th delivery (2013-09-19)

ZIP File with all meeting documents (2013-09-19)


TG-STS-9 Meeting, Bremen, 24 April 2013 - Meeting Documents

TG-STS-4/4 Evaluation joint campaign