WP 5 PR and Marketing RESULTS

Joint marketing campaign 2014

For celebrating 5 Years Wadden Sea World Heritage in June 2014 within PROWAD a special EVENT section on the website www.waddensea-worldheritage.org was created as well as complimentary promotional material for use in conjunction with local events was provided.

Some impressions can be found here.

Promotional poster for download
German or Dutch


Wadden Sea World Heritage Brand Paper

PROWAD has developed a description of the "World Heritage Brand" which translates the "Outstandind Universal Value" defining the essence, values, core characteristics and mission of the brand. It outlines the benefits of using the brand conistently across the Wadden Sea for stakeholders and visitors.

Through this brand description, already existing brands in the region will be able share the values of the Wadden Sea World Heritage brand through consistent communication and marketing.

The power of the Wadden Sea World Heritage branding is in raising awareness of the Wadden Sea as a single entity.

Download the Wadden Sea World Heritage Brand Paper here:






Licensing was seen as appropriate and less risky development for the WS/WH Merchandising at this stage as it helps to improve the visibility, to gain experience in the field of merchandizing, to test the market for branded WH products and to find partners for a later business partner model.The following License Agreement is an important step in establishing a solid relationship with potential manufactures of branded WH merchandise.

Download the Sample Licensing Agreement here. Many variations and permutations to this agreement are possible and will be handled case by case as each deal is unique and should be tailored to its own unique circumstances.


The Merchandising Concept Study 2013 was successful completed and a Merchandising Expert Group established in December 2013 to discuss the next steps of the implementation of a WS/WH merchandising.The role of the merchandising expert group is to recommend, pre-select and evaluate the implementation activities of the merchandising concept to prepare for and give input to the ultimate decision made by the TG-WH.

Find here the protocols of their meetings:

1st Meeting December 2013
2nd Meeting December 2014


Merchandising Concept Study

A Merchandising Concept Study for the Brand “Wadden Sea World Heritage” (WS/WH) was conducted to evaluate the potential and practicability of a merchandising program to promote the Wadden Sea World Heritage brand. The main aim was to discover the parameters to establish a merchandising program for the “Wadden Sea – World Heritage” (WS/WH) brand and develop a implementation concept for an overall Wadden Sea wide merchandising concept to increase awareness for the values of World Heritage and raise profile and visibility of World Heritage.

The Merchandising Concept Study is an analysis that for the first time ever has been carried out for the entire Wadden Sea. It findings confirm the synergy potential resulting from World Heritage. The analysis is a big step forward and gives a comprehensive insight.

Download the final report here