PROWAD Newsletter No. 1

The first Newsletter issue, specifically compiled for tourism organisations, has been published. [more]

UNESCO's IUCN experts on a mission in the Wadden Sea

Today two representatives from IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Dr. Oliver Avramovski from Macedonia and Dr. Wendy Strahm from Switzerland, completed a one-week journey – the UNESCO field mission – during which they visited parts of the Wadden Sea that are nominated for an extension of the Wadden Sea World Heritage. The nominated property encompasses the Danish Wadden Sea Conservation Area and an offshore extension of the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park. [more]

Positive outcome of PROWAD tourism strategy workshop in Niedersachsen

Today, about 70 representatives from nature conservation, municipalities, marketing and tourism organizations, education, tourism stakeholders and transport companies in Niedersachsen discussed the strategy for sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination. The workshop was jointly organized by the National Park Administration, Nordsee GmbH and the Lower Saxon Ministry of Economy and a follow up of the first stakeholder workshop in spring 2012. [more]

Schleswig-Holstein adopted the PROWAD tourism strategy

At a joint meeting of the marketing advisory board and the World Heritage working group in Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, the strategy for sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination was approved. At the same time, the meeting underlined that sufficient resource must be provided to implement the strategy and action plan. [more]

Sustainable Tourism Strategy in consultation phase

The consultation phase of the strategy on "Sustainable Tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination" has started. [more]

Guidelines for sustainable school trips "Watt für eine Klasse(n)fahrt" (in German)

How can class trips contribute to the Wadden Sea conservation? What can you do for the environment already at the stage of packing your luggage? What offers exist for sustainable school trips? [more]

Sustainable Tourism Strategy is now in the consultation phase

The English version of the strategy for a "Sustainable Tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination" is now published for consultation with the local and regional stakeholders in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. [more]

Towards a strategy for sustainable tourism

At the meeting in Bremen on 24 April 2013, the Task Group Sustainable Tourism Strategy concluded the preparation of the draft strategy for the "Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination" which will be submitted for consultations in the regions in summer 2013. [more]

The first meeting of the European Marine World Heritage Sites aims at closer cooperation

The goal of more intensive cooperation brought together 25 experts from four European marine World Heritage Sites to the National Park Administration, Tönning, on 15 and 16 April. [more]

Workshop on the use of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Logo

A PROWAD workshop on the use of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Logo was carried out on 19 February 2013 in Hamburg, to discuss the overall framework for the commercial use of World Heritage brand. [more]