PROWAD Tourism Strategy adopted by Wadden Sea Board

After a second round of regional consultations on the PROWAD strategy on "Sustainable Tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination" from June - September 2013, the trilateral Wadden Sea Board has now adopted the strategy at its meeting on 11 - 12 December 2013 in Toender (Denmark). [more]

European Marine World Heritage Sites work together

The report from the meeting of the European Marine World Heritage sites has now been published. It gives an overview of the main management challenges at the sites and indentifies the main work fields for a future cooperation of the site in the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme. [more]

Fourth World Heritage Forum in a special atmosphere

World Heritage Tourism must be a quality tourism which contributes to sustainability. This must now been taken up jointly and in cooperation by all stakeholders. This was the conclusion of the 4th Lower Saxony World Heritage Forum on "A sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea" on 14 November 2013. [more]

Crown Jewels of the Ocean met on Corsica

Managers from over 40 marine World Heritage sites met in Ajaccio, Corsica, from 18 -20 October 2013. As follow-up of the meeting on Hawaii in 2010, this was the second time that the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme has invited site managers to exchange experiences from sites representing the “Crown Jewels of the Ocean”. [more]

Nature experience in tourism offers

The 11th conference on "Nature experience in tourism offers" in Husum on 14th November 2013 will inform tourism stakeholders about the most recent developments in the Wadden Sea World Heritage and National Park. [more]

4th World Heritage Forum for multipliers in Niedersachsen

The 4th World Heritage Forum in Niedersachen will take place 14 November 2013 to address the implementation of the stragegy for sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea. [more]

PROWAD Stakeholder Workshop in Denmark

About 30 stakeholder participated in the regional PROWAD workshop in Denmark on the 10 September 2013 at the National Park office on Romoe. They underlined the need for a common trilateral strategy on sustainable tourism. [more]

Climate-friendly Tourism in the Wadden Sea

A feasibility study prepared by the WWF proposed an action plan for climate friendly tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination which addresses improvements in transport, buildings, energy use, tourims offers, regional products, and stakeholder cooperation. [more]

PROWAD Stakeholder Workshop in the Netherlands

The PROWAD stakeholder workshop was organized by the Province Frisland within the framework of the regional consultations on the PROWAD sustainable tourism strategy in Leeuwarden on 6 September 2013. [more]

Call for Tender: Teaching Resource

Call for Tender - Development of a Teaching Resource about the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site [more]