02.12.2015 |

World Heritage Toolkit for stakeholders

New toolkit launched to help all visitor-facing businesses leverage the identity of the Wadden Sea World Heritage to enhance their communications.

Businesses and actors in the Wadden Sea region will benefit from a new ‘Marketing & Communication` toolkit, advising on how to understand and present the value of the Wadden Sea World Heritage.

The development of this toolkit was funded through PROWAD, a trans-national EU project co-financed by the Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme. This toolkit was drafted in partnership with nature conservation organisations, governments, the tourism sector and NGOs in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.  It will support visitor-facing businesses to upgrade their marketing and communication activities to secure global reputation and to enhance the collective visibility through the Wadden Sea World Heritage brand.

This toolkit is a practical resource for all tourism businesses in the Wadden Sea region and provides, for the first time ever, a comprehensive overview of important information available and put together by all three Wadden Sea countries. It offers an easy access to marketing materials and guidelines and promotional material/merchandise:        

  • Information about the brand Wadden Sea World Heritage as background for marketing and communication activities;
  • Promotional material to position the Wadden Sea World Heritage as destination;
  • Brand messages to promote distinct Wadden Sea World Heritage experiences through consistent and high quality communication;
  • Logo use to show the commitment to the Wadden Sea World Heritage and what it stands for;
  • Branded merchandise to spread the word and spark conversations about the Wadden Sea World Heritage - they also make wonderful gifts.

Mr Harald Marencic (Deputy Secretary of the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat  and PROWAD project leader) notes: "A key principle behind the launch was securing the support of all state and regional tourism bodies, enabling the Wadden Sea stakeholders to speak with “one voice” when promoting the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination and its tourism products to the world.”

The toolkit will be available in 4 languages (Danish, Dutch, English and German) and distributed progressively via the PROWAD partner networks, starting November 2015.

Download the toolkit in four languages here (380 MB)